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NOT IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD. In 32 metropolitan areas in the United States, teachers are priced out of owning a home.

DIVERSITY & EQUITY. Although minorities have entered the teaching profession at higher rates than whites in recent decades, reports show that minority teachers leave schools at considerably higher rates than that of white teachers.

MAN AND WOMAN. The number of males entering the teaching profession has grown by 26%. The number of women entering teaching has increased at over twice that rate. If the trend continues, researchers conclude that soon 8 out of 10 teachers in America will be female.

HUNGRY. More than 65% of teachers have used their own money to buy food for students.

FIELD DAY. More than half of educators have spent their own money for field trips for students who couldn’t afford to pay.

DONATIONS. A majority of teachers say that donating funds for classroom supplies or donating classroom supplies is the best way to help their schools.

NEW WAVE. Teachers with 10 or fewer years of experience now constitute over 52% of our teaching force.

NO FAIR. More than half (53%) of parents and 2/3 (65%) of teachers say that public school teachers’ salaries are not fair for the work they do.

STUDENT-TEACHER. When they’re not teaching, many teachers are taking classes of their own. Nearly 60% of teachers have a postgraduate degree.

APPRECIATION. Only 52% of teachers feel like their community respects them. Moreover, around 10% of teachers that consider quitting do so because they don’t feel appreciated.

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