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"I taught for 30 years. I’m financially not in great shape.
I just kept pushing the loans off but you can't keep pushing them off, they're federal loans. It was all overwhelming at first, but Savi showed me it's not scary. I now know what my payments are going to be and lowered them to my realm of reality."



Retired Middle School Teacher

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There are many ways to ease the burden of your student loan debt—and you don’t have to go it alone. Kentucky Education Association’s student loan tool on average saves members with debt more than $1,500 a year, and teachers have reduced their student loans by an average of $34,344. See what you can save!

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As of December 2021, more than 23,900 NEA members have reduced or eliminated their student loan debt obligations with help from the NEA Student Debt Navigator tool.  Here’s a look at the numbers:

While attending an Education Association presentation, teacher Thomas J. Bugos learned about a new tool that helps educators manage and reduce their student loan debt. Bugos quickly discovered he could dramatically shrink the more than $32,000 in student loans he had acquired while earning his master’s degree.

“I do not think I will ever have another impromptu meeting resulting in such a dramatic, positive change in my life. It was so impactful.” 

--Thomas Bugos, teacher

After answering questions and putting loan information into our Student Debt Navigator, Bugos learned that he was eligible for a $5,000 loan forgiveness program, a lower income-based repayment plan and another teacher-specific forgiveness program that would wipe out the remainder of his debt—as long as he made the required payments for the next 37 months.


The result: Bugos expects to reduce roughly 70% of his loan burden—from about $32,000 to just over $8,900.

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