Are you a fellow Kentucky Educator

with student debt?

Whether through forgiveness, cancellation or consolidation, there are legitimate ways to ease the burden of your student loan debt—and you don’t have to go it alone. Called SAVI, KEA’s student loan tool is offered exclusively to members of our association. On average, it saves members with debt more than $1,500 a year, and association members have reduced their student loans by an average of $34,344.

Here are two KEA member’s stories about how our loan forgiveness tool helped them.  and start saving thousands on your student debt!

“As a KEA member, I took advantage of the student loan program. It’s called SAVI, and it does the hard work of investigating your student loans and finding solutions that can save you a mountain of debt. I couldn’t believe it at first, but it was true. I had $76,000 in student loans forgiven!”

—Tori Aaron, Teacher,

Russell Springs Elementary

“Just got my letter today. My student loans of $17,500 were forgiven! I signed up last winter and it was the best $29 I’ve ever spent. This simple tool alone was worth the price of joining our association. There are other member benefits that can save you a bunch of money, too. There’s a mortgage plan, car purchasing and car insurance options, life insurance deals and even vacation discounts. Not to mention being part of a team of educators that lead our profession.”

— Valerie Hairston, 7th grade math teacher, Winburn Middle School

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