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KEA President Eddie Campbell presented the graduates of the KEA Fellows Program with certificates for their achievements at the 150th DA in Louisville in April. The KEA Fellows Program was founded in 2013 to foster and mentor emerging leaders in the Association.

Fellows are mentored by members of the KEA Executive Committee and are immersed in learning the duties and responsibilities of KEA leadership. During their year in the program, Fellows attend local, state, and national association events to study, foster and develop a leadership style that serves them best.

The KEA Fellows Class of 2021-22 is the ninth Fellows to graduate. KEA President Eddie Campbell introduced the group and each graduate spoke about their experiences and leadership growth over the past year.

This year’s Fellows graduates are: Kim Baldwin, Deborah Bentley, Hunter Carter, Courtney Casebolt, Taylor Caven, Stephanie Cook, Tammy Cook, Emily Durbin, Chandler Gies, Melinda Harrell, Kelly Ison, Tristan Mize, and Barry Simpson.

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