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“I would suggest to every young educator entering the classroom that it’s important to join the KEA. When I joined the KEA, I finally felt connected to people who understood what I was going through. It was nice because that connection would span further than my time in college. These are educators I can stay connected with, as teachers and influencers in Kentucky. KEA really provides a home for educators to network and help each other in the classroom and as professionals.”

—Cameo Kendrick, New Educator

UK Class of 2020

The more than 42,000 KEA members are educators just like you. They have made a real difference by joining KEA and ensuring educators have a voice in our workplace and in our profession. We are stronger and better when we stand shoulder to shoulder.

Whether it’s professional development, representation, legal support or advocacy, KEA is here for you. KEA provides professional advocacy for every issue you face as an educator—including salary, evaluation support, contract compliance and enforcement and retirement.

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